The City

Monterrey, Industrial Capital of Mexico, the third largest city in the Mexican Republic, is a tourist destination that is discovered and invented, to the astonishment of its visitors and, also, of its own inhabitants. The enormous importance that the city has in the economy and industry of Mexico has eclipsed its natural beauties and many of its historical, cultural and artistic values. Now, hand in hand with tourism, it is beginning to bring them to light and display them with pride.

Modernity and history, science and tradition, nature and gastronomy, are some of the tourist pairings of the city, expressed in attractions such as the MacroPlaza, the Fundidora Park, the Matacanes Canyon or it’s world famous Cabrito. With a modern and efficient infrastructure, the Sultana del Norte receives thousands of visitors daily as a great business center. Recognized for its industrial power, its economic importance, its constant progress, now it is also recognized for the natural and cultural wealth that drives its tourism.

Monterrey is one of the most important cities in Mexico. Visit the Cerro de la Silla, the Sierra Madre and the Grutas de García, the Fundidora Park, the Barrio Antiguo and the Paseo Santa Lucía artificial river and its restaurants and shops.



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